What are my Phone Options in Israel?


You may not wish to have phone or internet capability at all. If so, just skip over this section. For simple calls and texts, consider WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime.


From our experience, most travelers to Israel have, or more often - wish they had, an effective and affordable cell phone plan in which they could utilize their own phone for calls and texts to and from home, as well as enjoy unlimited internet use. There are two main ways to utilize your phone and internet in Israel.


1) International Cell Phone Plans: The first option is to use your cell phone provider’s international plan. The INTERNATIONAL CELL PHONE PLANS pdf links here: CLICK HERE for more information about the four primary cell phone companies’ plans: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Call your provider to confirm prices and amenities; make sure to also inquire about taxes for each of the international plans. At this time, AT&T International Day Pass and Verizon TravelPass offer plans that are $10 a day. However, you're only charged for the days that you actually use your device abroad. Additionally, you can use your minutes, messages, and data allowances from your domestic plan. On the downside, if you make or accept a call, listen to a voicemail, send a text, use data, or simply have apps running in the background that use data, you’ll be charged the daily fee even if you don’t use the phone. 


Sprint Unlimited Freedom and the T-Mobile Pre-Paid Plan are cost-effective, but the low data amount (2 GB - 3 GB) often results in considerably spotty and slow connectivity. If you are using an international plan with your cell provider, you may want to restrict your phone usage to complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots, especially web browsing and app use.

2) Israel SIM Card: The second option is the most stress-free and inexpensive: simply rent an Israeli SIM card that inserts into your own smartphone. Various companies offer Israeli SIM cards.  They all provide unlimited Wi-Fi use, unlimited calling and texting within Israel, unlimited calling to the USA and Canada, and unlimited texting within Israel. Some also provide unlimited texting to the USA and Canada; others you pay per text. Click on the middle link below for the ISRAEL SIM CARD COMPANY COMPARISON CHART - an April 2018 comparison of Group SIM wholesale SIM cards and the two top Israel SIM card companies: Amigo-US and Unlimited Israel. Note: all three include the fastest 4G speed and use Israel’s most extensive and reliable network, Cellcom. To rent a Group SIM card, complete the order form below.

3) Israel Flip Phone: The third option is to rent a user-friendly simple Flip Phone Talk & Text from Group SIM to use in Israel without the hassle of unlocking your phone. You will receive unlimited calling within Israel, unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada,  and unlimited texting within Israel. You also have an option to add a U.S. phone number.