The particulars of your tour are included in your specific tour’s brochure on the website.


TRIP COST AND INCLUSIONS - WITH AIRFARE: You are agreeing to all costs and inclusions as delineated in your tour brochure. All tours include breakfast and dinner daily, taxes and tips to hotels, drivers, and guides, all transfers and entrance fees to included sites, and “Israel for the Christian Traveler” travel guide, journal, and map.

TRIP COST AND INCLUSIONS – LAND ONLY: This is the price of the Land Portion Only. It includes everything except airfare.  

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: This is an additional fee for rooming alone.

PRICING: Prices are based off current rates for 2018 and are subject to change. All tour prices are based on a minimum group size of 20 passengers for prices to be valid.  If the group size is 15-19, a $200 supplement per person will be required.  Less than 15 passengers may necessitate cancelling the tour. Other options may be discussed if desired.

REGISTRATION: A deposit of $350 per person, along with the completed Registration paperwork, is required for securing your spot on this tour. $200 of this deposit is nonrefundable.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: You are agreeing to the payment schedule on your tour brochure.

ROOMMATES:  If you need help finding a roommate, please email Joan at Joan@WalkAboutZion.com. The tour price is based on double occupancy. There is an additional Single Supplement fee that will be applied if you are among the last to register and we cannot provide a roommate for you, so register early! Most beds are twin-sized and will be combined for couples.

LATE BOOKINGS:  Late bookings made after final payment date, changes or deviations will be subject to a $50 per change service fee. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations must be made in writing to Joan@WalkAboutZion.com. If you cancel after the final payment deadline specified in your tour brochure and your roommate cannot find a replacement, you are also liable for his or her single supplement cost.

CANCELLATION FEES: You are agreeing that you have read and understand all cancellation fees delineated in the tour brochure.

CANCELLATION OF TOUR: Walk About Zion and Sar-El Tours (Israel Tour Operator) reserve the right to cancel a tour and/or alter the tour itinerary without prior notice and at its sole discretion – based on conditions which make it impossible for the tour to take place; such as war, terror attacks, earthquakes and alike.  If for some reason the trip is cancelled, you will be fully refunded your deposit and any payments that have been made.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance which includes trip cancellations or interruptions; injury or accident; loss of, damage to, or theft of luggage and health insurance is NOT included — but highly recommended. All participants are encouraged to take out travel insurance soon after registration (purchase within 10 days of deposit will include all pre-existing conditions). Reputable travel insurance is available at www.WalkAboutZion.com

PASSPORTS:  All passengers are required to have a valid passport to depart or re-enter the USA. A copy of your passport will be required at time of final payment. Your passport MUST NOT EXPIRE FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS AFTER THE DATE YOU WILL RETURN FROM ISRAEL. 

To find the nearest office, look in the U. S. Government Offices listings of your telephone book under “Postal Services – Passport Information.” This should be done immediately. An embossed birth certificate (with a raised seal) is required to obtain a passport. To obtain a birth certificate, contact the Hall of Records in the county in which you were born.

PASSPORT NAME:  You must verify that all official documents match your passport name prior to airline tickets being written.  

SIGHTSEEING:  Sightseeing is subject to local conditions at the time of the tour. Adjustments in the sightseeing program may be made, as the tour leader or guide deem necessary.

SHOTS/INOCULATIONS:  There are currently no shots required for Israel for U.S. Citizens. We do recommend that your tetanus shot is current for any travel.

AGREEMENT: Payment of a tour deposit constitutes an agreement between the parties and an acknowledgement that the participant has read and understands all policies, terms, and conditions regarding the tour and agrees to the policies, terms, and conditions without amendment, deletion or addition. I understand that I am responsible to pay all necessary fees and dues by the appropriate deadlines. I RELEASE Walk About Zion, Sar-El Tours, and any staff, representatives, or other agents involved in organizing different aspects of this tour assume no liability or responsibility for any injuries, inconvenience, illness, theft, property damage, irregularity, or incidental damages occasioned by circumstances beyond the control of the tour operator or by any person or reason whatsoever including but not limited to events such as strikes, revolts, wars, natural disasters, closures of airports and/or hotels, default or omission of any common or private carrier or the default, negligence or omission of and by any third party providing services or facilities to or included in this tour or any part thereof. Enrollment in and payment for the tour constitutes your acceptance of the program conditions and this Statement of Responsibility. The program conditions become a binding contract when your enrollment and payment are received. I agree to the tour’s terms and conditions in full and understand that a travel and health insurance policy is highly recommended.

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