Travel insurance is generally not included in a tour price; it is not required but HIGHLY recommended. You can be out a substantial amount of money if you forego purchasing travel insurance and find that you must cancel - even a couple of months prior to your departure date. Quality travel insurance will cover trip cancellations or interruptions; injury or accident; loss of, damage to, or theft of luggage; and medical insurance. You may want to peruse the article, 10 Reasons Travel Insurance is a Smart Idea.

We offer TRAVEL GUARD at Walk About Zion for several reasons. First, you will find Travel Guard to be a highly reputable company; it is America's leading provider of travel insurance with superior reviews on both and Travel Guard not only provides comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing, they have also proven to be highly professional and accessible and exceptionally reliable. Travel Guard has promptly provided our clients with full reimbursements for lost items, flight delay costs, medical bills, and last-minute trip cancellations due to illness or emergency.


We recommend Travel Guard’s GOLD plan, as it provides more than adequate levels of coverage, along with no deductibles. If you wish to cover pre-existing conditions as well as have Travel Guard as your primary health provider in Israel (as opposed to your health insurance back home), you must purchase the insurance within two weeks of your initial trip deposit. Other plans have a 10-day period for this waiver.


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